Owing to the global Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that has brought about a wide-scale impact, the year 2020 has witnessed a drastic shift in various industries and product uses. An outbreak of such a magnitude has created the need for immediate expansion in health care facilities, and ad-hoc solutions to emergency calls.

The aggressive and viral nature of Covid-19 coronavirus is such that it demands rapid screening and low-cost diagnosis to deal with the highly infectious, and continually mutating pathogens. What’s more important to understand is that the Covid-19 coronavirus presents an array of medical challenges and its treatment is mostly preventive, especially since his pathogen does not necessarily show regular symptoms.

As information concerning the Covid-19 coronavirus continues to evolve, health care industries look to experiment with low cost and ad-hoc solutions to cater to the rising demand. Market research points out at silicone’s pivotal role in medical and preventive solutions to tackle this novel virus. According to certain studies, among its various uses, the silicone industry has witnessed a rising demand for use in consumer products and personal care recommended by healthcare professionals. Such demand is contributing to silicone’s global market growth forecasted over the next ten years.

In the war against this pandemic, silicone is widely being complimented as a component to aid the essential frontline workers. It has primarily proven to be useful as a component of vital medical devices, such as respirators and gaskets. The Covid-19 disease has reported created respiratory issues, creating a massive demand for patients in need of ventilators. Companies have responded to that need through technological advancements and the use of 3D printing to meet the short deadlines and high demand.
Furthermore, to meet the demand of personal protective equipment for frontline workers, and to tackle the shortage in supply of masks, being disposable and required in huge quantities, manufactures and scientists have also focused their efforts on using silicone to make reusable masks.

Despite the data science, it is hard to predict when this pandemic will bite the dust. However, it is interesting to muse how various industries, such as the silicone industry, would evolve to become part of our daily lives, and how effective it proves to be in enhancing the healthcare facilities.