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Wet Bench Features

Wafer Process Systems Inc. manufactures manual, semi-automated and fully automated wet benches and performs in field modifications to existing equipment to accommodate process related changes. We also provide in-field safety review and upgrades for our customers existing equipment eliminating  the facilitization cost associated with the removal of existing equipment and installation of new equipment. Please contact us for more information.

Chemical Blend Systems

Wafer Process Systems Inc. manufactures a comprehensive line of chemical blend systems, chemical blend systems and related equipment as well as custom build to design equipment for surface prep cleaning, oxide and metals etching, resist stripping and metal left off applications commonly found in the semiconductor, MEMS, photonics, solar cell, disc drive and flat panel display manufacturing industries. Please contact us for more information.

IPA Dryers

Wafer Process Systems Inc. manufactures advanced IPA Dryers in the industry using patented Liquid Diffusion Technology (LDT)This technology incorporates an Venturi Aerosol IPA delivery system producing micro droplets, which are directly introduced into the drying chamber. There is no heating of N2 and bubbling it through an IPA reservoir which has inherited risk associated with heating IPA liquid and vapors. Candela test have proven the Liquid Diffusion Technology as being particle neutral or particle negative with the optional Megasonic feature.

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Wafer Process Systems Inc. is a Global Supplier of Wet Benches, IPA dryers and Chemical Blend Systems. Our equipment is used in Semiconductor, Disc Drive, MEMS, Photovoltaic, LED and Biomedical device manufacturing since 1983.

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