Standard Wet Bench Safety Features & Services

bench safety features

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Below is a list of our wet bench safety features and service options. Please follow through and if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

  • Three year warranty on all system electrical components and DI water components and two year warranty on  all chemical fluid components.
  •  Emergency power off circuit with remote mushroom kill switch located on front of cabinet and remote lock out tag out knife switch electrical power disconnect.
  • All UL, CSA or CE listed high voltage electrical components with GCFI power circuit interrupt for all heat  load power circuits and component level circuit fused circuit protection.
  • Photohelic® low exhaust monitor with audible and visual alarm to interface with emergency power off circuit.
  • N2 purged electrical control panel enclosure with flow meter and purge pressure interlock to interface with emergency power off circuit.
  • Plenum liquid level sensor located in chemical and rinse vessel plenum to interface with emergency power off circuit with audible and visual alarm.
  • UL Listed Photo Electronic Smoke Detector to interface with emergency power off circuit.
  • FM Approved Noveon® PVC-C constructed weldment with integral secondary containment plenum.
  • Casters and leg levelers for transportation and installation.
  • Electrical interlock switch keyed bypass switch to eliminate deactivation during servicing of tool.
  • Stainless steel N2 and CDA manifold with high pressure and low pressure regulators with gauges.
  • Flow through PFA Teflon DI Water manifold with Flaretek Teflon tube fittings and auto DI water shutoff.
  • Removable rear access plumbing panels and electrical access panels with interlock switches to interface with emergency power off circuit.