Fully Automated Biomedical Benches

Wafer Process Systems Inc. performs in field modifications to existing equipment to accommodate process changes and/or safety and upgrades for our customers existing equipment without the need of extensive cost associated with the removal of existing equipment and installation of new equipment, including our fully-automated biomedical benches.

fully automated semiconductor wet benchmain

Overview of the Fully Automated Biomedical Wet Bench

Clean your final products using the proven processes of Sub-Micron Particulate Removal with Megasonic Acoustic Streaming Cleaning Technology using aqueous solutions to remove organic contamination and particulate with ultra-pure DI water rinsing and Liquid Diffusion Technology IPA Aerosol Drying Technology all performed in a single chamber. Up to four different chemistries can be used in sequence to perform various steps in rescaling, cleaning and sterilization. Chemical removal is performed by DI Water Rinsing with the Final Drying and sterilization process.

Wafer Process Systems Inc. Model MEG-QDR-LDT Series, Automated Aqueous Cleaning System provides enhanced cleaning and drying performance for a variety of material surfaces. This proprietary tool design and its subsystems control critical process parameters from recirculation and filtration of cleaning chemistries, final DI water rinsing and the creation of an ultra-pure IPA aerosol layer that moves across a motionless part to diffusively remove water, without leaving watermarks. The Venturi IPA Aerosol Generator and its subsystem very efficiently creates the ultra-pure IPA aerosol layer with the robust process flexibility necessary to dry high aspect ratio / deep trench topography, half-pitch wafer spacing, and a wide variety of other applications. This subsystem uses no energy to passively create a unique range of IPA aerosols that other IPA dryers simply cannot create. Furthermore, using an IPA aerosol in itself eliminates the safety hazard of IPA vapor dryers.

The operator interface is via a colored touch screen panel which provides full graphical display of all process parameters. The touch screen controls incorporate an operation, maintenance and alarm status screens. The operation screen provides full system status during operation and in the event of any parameters not being met an alarm screen will prompt the operator in the event of any alarm conditions. The maintenance screen panel allows service technicians the ability to control all functions manually and to calibrate temperature indicators and auto tune all PID software functions. The integral database provides the ability to create multiple recipes and download from process recipe select screen.