Electrochemical Bench (Manual Deposition System)

Wafer Process Systems Inc. performs in field modifications to existing equipment to accommodate process changes and/or safety and upgrades for our customers existing equipment without the need of extensive cost associated with the removal of existing equipment and installation of new equipment, including our manual deposition electrochemical bench.

electrochemical benches

Manual Deposition Electrochemical Benches – Overview

The WPS-ECD-Au Series, Electrochemical Deposition Wet Process System is designed to process Si, GaAs and Ceramic substrates for Au Electrochemical Deposition process using both Cyanide and Sulfide based solutions. The System is designed for use with Wafer Process Systems Inc. proprietary cathode and anode assemblies for processing single or multiple substrates with single or dual sided deposition. The Rectifiers are either remoted or incorporated into the system weldment. The Rectifiers remote Interface has a sealed keypad with 4 x 5 inch display for local programming and monitoring of power supply settings and displaying features and functions. The System is constructed out of Stress Relieved Polypropylene or flame retardant CPVC, PVC-C, Kynar® (PVDF) or Halar® (ECTFE) for corrosion resistance to all process solutions. Safety and ergonomics are main aspects in the system design. All fluid components are accessible through removable front and rear access panels. All electrical components are accessible through front control panels and incorporate interlock switches with EPO interface for safety. Standard features include emergency power off circuit with remote mushroom switch and remote load center and contractor, Photohelicâ low exhaust indicator with audible / visual alarm and EPO interface to eliminate the ability to operate equipment in the event of no exhaust, N2 purged head case with purge pressure interlock and EPO interface, plenum liquid level monitor with audible / visual alarm and EPO interface with auto DI water shutoff, back wall and plenum exhaust, recessed deck with 360° lip exhaust to insure capture of fumes during transfer of wafers. All chemical wetted components are PVDF or PFA. All electrical components are UL, CSA or CE listed. All system electrical components are guaranteed for three years and All system DI Water components are guaranteed for three years and provide a 98% uptime.

Deposition System Cathode and Anode Assemblies for our Electrochemical Benches

Wafer Process Systems Inc. PVDF cathode assemblies to accommodate multiple substrate of various sizes and shapes for processing in a vertical orientation. Features include one piece PVDF open back side design cathode assembly with integral handle, PFA Teflon coated stainless steel fixed position back side contact pins with four point contact to substrate. Stationary contact pins provide substrate support and backside contact. Additional features include PFA Teflon coated stainless steel 90° rotary contact pins with knurled knobs for rotating contact pins for removal of substrate. PVDF dovetail assembly to interface with plating vessel cathode support track. Male cathode electrical jack connector to interface with fixed position female jack connector wired to plating rectifier power source.

Wafer Process Systems Inc. PVDF anode assemblies to accommodate multiple substrate various of sizes and shapes for processing in a vertical orientation in our electrochemical benches. Features include a three piece PVDF anode assembly with Platinum Clad Niobium expanded mesh anode material, integral handle with flange mounting, two sided anode mesh exposure with a 1.5 to 1 surface ratio with substrate and electrical jack contact connector to interface with plating rectifier power source. Anode assemblies are for use with Wafer Process Systems PVDF multiple substrate cathode assemblies with either open or closed back side.



Fornt Side


Anode Assemblies for electro chemical deposition system

Plating Samples of Blind Side Vias

Au Plated Via Sample A
manual electrochemical deposition slide a
Au Plated Via Sample B
manual electrochemical deposition slide b
Au Plated Via Sample C
manual electrochemical deposition slide c